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Finally, a Great Cordless Rotary Tool!

By on Oct 25, 2011 in My Tools | 2 comments

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We all have or need a Dremel style tool (rotary tool).  These rotary tools can do hundreds of tasks from polishing to cutting to trimming your dogs nails.

Announcing the Craftsman NEXTEC Cordless Rotary Tool.  Finally...a good quality cordless rotary tool for the homeowner and hobbyist!

Update: June 2013. I hardly ever get a chance to use this tool. My wife has it down in her stained glass workshop and uses it all the time. She really likes that it has as much power as her Dremel corded tool but she doesn’t have to get out the extension cord to use it.

Buy Here From Sears: Craftsman Nextec Rotary Tool with LED Work Light

New Craftsman Cordless Rotary Tool

I had the chance to take one of these out of the box at my local Sears and stick a wood rasp in it. I took it over to the store’s Innovation Station and gave it a quick, five-minute workout.  I was impressed with the speed control, work light, weight and feel of the tool.

I was mainly interested though in the power of the unit.  Most cordless rotary tools are much weaker than their corded counterparts.  This tool however was strong!  A lot stronger than I expected! This rotary tool is easily as strong as my Dremel 4000 corded tool!

The first thing I did after I get one of these was to purchase a Milescraft Tool/Blade Sharpener attachment for it.  With a couple of batteries I will be able to cut firewood all day long out in the timber.  I’ll also get the lawn mower blade sharpener kit and I’ll be able to sharpen my mower blades right on the mower!  Of course that’s if I can get it away from my spouse.  She’s a big crafter and having a rotary tool without a cord….

I like the Craftsman Nextec Rotary Tool with LED Work Light offers the power and freedom to tackle any project, anywhere. The tool’s variable speed control allows you to set the speed of the tool anywhere from 5,000 to 30,000 rpm to match any of the 40 included accessories bits to the task at hand.  In addition the NEXTEC Rotary Tool is completely compatible with all 1/32-inch -1/8-inch shank accessories allowing you thousands of cutting, grinding, sanding and polishing options.  It also looks like it will handle most threaded attachments.

The major feature though that sets this rotary tool from the others is it uses the inexpensive and reliable NEXTEC lithium-ion batteries and the new NEXTEC Quick-Boost Charger.  No need to have yet another charger cluttering up your work bench. These Lithium-ion batteries deliver longer life and run-time with fade-free power.  The Quick-Boost charger means never having to run out of battery.  If you do use up a charge or forgot to charge it the last time you used it the Quick-Boost charger will give you a 25% battery charge in 3 minutes!  Plenty of charge to do most of those little tasks you need this rotary tool for.

The NEXTEC battery and Quick-Boost charger included in this kit is compatible with all your NEXTEC multi-tool, Auto-hammer, Cordless Drill, impact driver and a rapidly growing line of cordless homeowner tools.  At $25 retail these batteries are the most cost-effective on the market.  I do a lot of woodworking and small projects around the house and the NEXTEC tools have quickly become my go-to tools.

OK, you’ve never owned a rotary tool and you don’t have a clue what you would use one for around the home.  Here are just a few things we use it for.

It is one of those tools that can do just about anything.

Order Here From Sears: Craftsman Nextec Rotary Tool with LED Work Light Have it shipped to you home or pick it up at your local Sears!


  1. jetdog9

    December 13, 2011

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    Sears website shows low ratings for it, with both customers posting that it vibrates a lot and it is noisy. What do you think about these comments? I’m pretty excited about this tool, have asked for it for Xmas, am getting it for a nephew for Xmas, and am hoping not to be disappointed….


    • Paul Sikkema

      December 13, 2011

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      @jetdog9, I had a chance to play with one for as long as I wanted. It has the same noise level as a Dremel 4000 and I did not notice any vibration. Since it was cordless I was concerned about the power. After using it with a wood rasp bit, I was impressed with the power and put it on par with the Dremel 4000.

      Remember, Sears has a 90 return policy and if you get a gift receipt the 90 days start Dec 25. It also comes with a 1 year warranty and for $15 you can get a 3 year money back guarantee.

      I have this tool on my short list to buy.


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