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Garage Door Openers. Which One Is Right For You?

By on Jan 12, 2013 in Garage Door Openers | 3 comments

Craftsman Garage Door Openers. Which One Is Right For You? This article is not a review of the individual garage door openers. This article is just a summary to help you determine which opener is right for you. The next article in this series will go through the different types of Craftsman openers. by:┬áPaul Sikkema You can use this summary to compare other the features of other brands. So you go to your local Sears store and there is a whole wall of garage door openers. The sales associate is helpful and shows you ALL the items. But you just leave confused. I’ll make it easy here and give you the simplest way to figure out which Craftsman garage door opener is best for you. There are five basic steps to help you get the right door opener and installed in you location. Step One, Measure the height of you door: Step Two, Select the HP (horsepower): Step Three, Select the type of...