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Impact Driver – It’s not what you think.

By on Feb 22, 2013 in Buying Guides, Impact Drivers | 0 comments

What is an Impact Driver? An impact driver is the perfect tool if you now use a drill/driver to drive screws. It will not damage the screw heads like a drill/driver and is much faster if you have many fasteners to install.  It really speeds up tasks like building a deck or drywalling a room.  Everyone who works around the house, remodels or does construction can benefit from an impact driver. by: Paul Sikkema There is a lot of confusion over impact drivers. The confusion comes from the name. Over the years many tools have had the label “impact” including one you strike with a hammer and one you use with an air compressor.  These older tools have always been used to remove nuts and bolts. The impact drivers in this article are not for removing nuts and bolts, but a tool for speeding up your home remodeling and construction projects. So what are impact drivers? Basically it...

Do You Really Need An Impact Driver? Comparing Lithium Drill/Drivers to Impacts

By on Feb 19, 2013 in Impact Drivers | 1 comment

In a previous post Impact Driver – It’s not what you think. I showed you what an impact driver is and a few examples of the drivers available. Impacts have primary tool in the construction trade and many of you are wondering if you need one. In this article I am going to compare an impact driver to a drill/driver and let you decide which one is best for you. by: Paul Sikkema I have two reasons for this post.  First to show you the difference between an impact driver and a drill/driver.  Second to show you how well the newest lightweight compact units can work for you. The new lithium tools are so much lighter and smaller than tools of even two years ago that many people don’t believe these tools can possibly be strong enough to do real work. Because of that I choose two of the smallest and lightest lithium tools available for this comparison. The  Craftsman 17586 NEXTEC 12.0V...