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Abrasive Saw – Throw your hacksaw away!

By on Feb 12, 2013 in Buying Guides | 0 comments

Abrasive Saw What is it? Abrasive saws are usually called a cutoff saw or metal chop saw. It is almost always electrically powered and is used to cut steel and stainless steel.  A thin abrasive disc spins at a high speed and the grinding action of the spinning wheel cuts the metal.  Today’s bench top abrasive saws have  a built-in vise to clamp the metal your are cutting.  They usually can be used on the ground but I suggest bolting them to a workbench to make it easy to use. by: Paul Sikkema The composite disk blade uses friction to abrasively cut through the steel. The disks are consumable items and they wear and have to be replaced regularly. The abrasive disks usually are 14 inch diameter and 7/64 inch thick.  There are commercial versions that use a 16 inch diameter blade. Disks are available for mild steel and stainless. These portable metal cutoff saws have made many jobs...